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What is Recursion | Recursive Function

Recursive function is a function that calls itself.   Let’s look at the following example,   using System; namespace ConsoleApp12 { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { var factorialOf = factorial(5); Console.WriteLine(factorialOf); Console.ReadKey(); } public static int factorial(int input) { if (input == 1 || input == 0) return 1; else return input […]

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What is Garbage Collector?

  In C#, every created object allocates memory. And we can need some memory space for any other objects. So these memory addresses need to be deallocate.  This could be possible by managing memory manually(mostly in old languages). But C# has an automatic memory manager and it is called Garbage Collector (GC). Garbage Collector releases […]

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What is Published Interface

Published interface is an interface which has a signed contract with clients. In simple terms, assume you have an interface, it becomes published interface when you ship it to development community. Here is an example about version upgrade of an published interface according to the article of Martin Fowler [here].   Published interface which is […]

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